“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.”

Henry Ford

Living in such a fast-paced modern world with bombarding information and numerous changes every day inevitably entails the importance of continuous learning. While nobody can defeat the value of learning, many of us fail to demonstrate lifelong learning. We tend to think that learning can only happen at schools. However, it is different from education. Learning can and should, indeed, take place everywhere.

Noting that learning can definitely be done outside schools (and most learning does), the editors of Pick up, Pals share their daily life learning with the readers, aiming at encouraging everyone to pick up what they have learnt. The website highlights a comprehensive learning of various subjects at secondary school, from the English Language to Science.

Recalling my learning journey in secondary school, I often did revision alone at home. It would be nicer if I could have an online platform like Pick up Pals with my friends. Pick up, Pals is also highly recommendable and appreciated as the content is rich and suitable for every secondary school student. And the editors are two young men who are truly passionate about learning and hope to encourage their peers to do so as well. I hope they can keep their enthusiasm for learning and continue to strive their best in the future.

― Ryan Ngai