It has been a very long time since I last logged in to this website. Both Weque and I have been quite busy working on school assignments and tests, which eventually led to the fall of this website, as well as our newer one: Learnerplex (which Weque mistakenly typed it as “LearnersPlex”).

I do not know about Weque, but I personally feel that all these have been failures and falls. I was really depressed and lost. As you might know, I invested quite a sum of money into the new site but it turned out that we once again failed it, and ourselves.

To me, the most important thing is never the money I have spent. Although it is undeniable that I somewhat care much about money, the more crucial thing is whether or not we have tried our best. Sure, we are diligent students. But if we cannot keep ourselves committed to what was originally done, then this whole “website thing” becomes useless.

This has taken me quite a fall, emotionally.

Therefore, I would like to share with you today what has inspired me a bit. This is a quote from the movie Batman Begins, which I just watched. Very good movie. I like and appreciated Batman. He is very decent. He wants to save his home city which is so corrupt. He knows that his late father has built this empire of Gotham and he would not want to fail his father. He also wants to save and contribute to Gotham like how his father did. He encounters bad guys in the process, some of which are really nasty and terrible, but he ultimately saves Gotham from a predictable crisis. It is a dark (well because Batman loves black) but an ambitious movie. Highly recommended.

What I love most about this movie is one quote. While there are many quotes in the movie that I really like, this one must be my favorite:

And why do we fall, Bruce (Batman/Bruce Wayne)? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.

—Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father

It happens that our little Bruce has fallen into a well next to a cave where a lot of bats dwell. Bruce is therefore very afraid of bats since then. However, when his father saves him from the well, he is told that only when we fall, can we learn to really pick ourselves up.

I think this is inspiring because I am in a similar situation as Bruce is. No, I am not in the Batcave, but I am at a loss with all my websites. I feel like I have messed up with them and this is so terrible. I have closed down Learnerplex and I still cannot see the future. What can I do? What should I do? What am I going to do? These questions swirl around my head all the time and I have not yet figured out the answers. Weque is a good partner and writer but it is, at the end of the day, my decision that matters. He does not give good advice most of the time, so there is not one that I can totally express my feelings to. I wonder if it is my fault to have started making websites. Especially learning websites. I will not have time to work on it. Then why am I doing this? What is my aim? To encourage people to learn? But when I am so stressful with all the homework and tests and exams at school, how can I possibly encourage others to learn?

Despite the fact that I have not yet been enlightened, I find this quote from Batman Begins inspiring because I finally understand that falling is for us to better prepare ourselves for the next challenge. The falls of Pick up, Pals and Learnerplex make me feel sad, of course. But after feeling sad, I should learn to understand why I had fallen and how to be better next time. We need to stand up and face the road ahead of us.

LEGO Batman. Photo by Cassidy James Blaede on Unsplash.

Falling is sorrowful, but it is more important that we learn to pick ourselves up and look forward to a bright future.

2 thoughts on “We fall so that we can learn to pick ourselves up.

  1. That’s a good quote. I like Batman too and have times when I stop posting and stop trying to do something that I really want to do. I’m trying to be better at it and it’s good to know I’m not alone! So thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much! I’m so happy that my writing can encourage you not to give up easily! Let’s work hard on things that we’re passionate about! 🙂


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