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A warm welcome from Wiley, the admin, and Weque, the editor! We are glad that you take your time to visit us, with a hope to find some useful learning resources here.

Pick up, Pals is basically a learning website developed to help you, as well as ourselves. We regularly upload posts relating to learning and studying tips to give you a hand on your learning journey. As we are passionate about learning, we wish that we can encourage the others to be so too, so we establish Pick up, Pals. As its name implies, Pick up, Pals’ ultimate goal is to let everyone picks up what they have learned, in both their schools and lives. Life is full of miracles, we shall not miss any part of it. And we are here to keep memories of learning so you can pick them up whenever you want to.

Another aim of Pick up, Pals is to provide ourselves with a way to connect with our own friends and classmates. We hope to develop Pick up Pals as an online platform to keep in touch with our buddies. We can also review what we have already learned, as this is a pretty good way to revise for tests and exams.

If you agree with us, please follow us in order to show your sweet support. It will be awesome if you can leave us some comments about our posts. In this way, we can upgrade ourselves, and to bring quality resources to you. We thank you for coming again and wish you the best we can!

Our new site

Besides Pick up Pals,  we still get another site. It serves the purpose as this website. That is LearnersPlex. Here’s the website: As this is still the first time the admin, Wiley bought Bluehost, so please forgive us if we have any mistake on that website. Finally, I hope all of you can give us some support to LearnersPlex!

What visitors say

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” Henry Ford Living in such a fast-paced modern world with bombarding information and numerous changes every day inevitably entails the importance of continuous learning. While nobody can defeat the value of learning, many of us fail to demonstrate lifelong learning. We tend to think … Continue reading Ryan Ngai

Ryan Ngai